@ImgMacroBot is an inline Telegram bot for image macros.

I remember those good old days when to make a good joke it was sufficient to place a few words with Impact font on some image. I miss that in Telegram.

So, I’ve created @ImgMacroBot — inline Telegram bot who generated image macros on the fly. You can use it in any conversation or group, just mention it with a recognizable phrase. E.g. if you write something like "@ImgMacroBot what if I told you a joke?" it will generate an image like this:

The font is Oswald, because I didn’t find any free Impact-like with cyrillic.

There list of templates is pretty short, you can find it in project’s README, but it will be growing slowly until I drop this project completely. If you miss something — create an issue.

Thank you for your attention.

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