Hard lesson from NVIDIA

Last week I’ve managed to accidentally break my Linux installation. Probably, the first time for the last ten years where Linux behaved truly "unstable". [Read more...]

Maven is not as stable as many think

Sometimes I’m trying to show others that there is a better alternative to Maven: Gradle. I’m trying to show them how Gradle can make things easy & possible whereas achieving the same results in Maven are Herculean labors or literally impossible. I often hear in reply: "Gradle sucks because it’s a hipster technology. It’s new and unstable. Will you help me if something goes wrong?". [Read more...]

Using Monday as a first day of week in KDE 5

en_US.UTF-8 is a great locale and I am using it for my KDE desktop because it gives me full English UI, whereeas other locales can result in semi-translated UIs. But it has some flaws. For example, weeks begin on Sunday in USA. It’s not how we do here in Europe and it’s really annoying to see Sunday as a first day of week in a calendar widget. Unfortunatelly, there is no knob for this setting (or my Google-fu failed me), so let’s fix it in a dirty way. [Read more...]