Using Monday as a first day of week in KDE 5

en_US.UTF-8 is a great locale and I am using it for my KDE desktop because it gives me full English UI, whereeas other locales can result in semi-translated UIs. But it has some flaws. For example, weeks begin on Sunday in USA. It’s not how we do here in Europe and it’s really annoying to see Sunday as a first day of week in a calendar widget. Unfortunatelly, there is no knob for this setting (or my Google-fu failed me), so let’s fix it in a dirty way.

Find a file named MonthView.qml somewhere under /usr:

find /usr -name MonthView.qml 2> /dev/null

2> /dev/null filters out any errors.

On my system the file was located at /usr/lib/qt/qml/org/kde/plasma/calendar/MonthView.qml.

Open it with root privileges and find a block like this:

Calendar {
    id: calendarBackend

    days: 7
    weeks: 6
    firstDayOfWeek: Qt.locale().firstDayOfWeek

    Component.onCompleted: {

    onYearChanged: {

Replace firstDayOfWeek: Qt.locale().firstDayOfWeek with firstDayOfWeek: 1.

You’re done!

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